Somewhere in a small estuary town in Essex a big change is just about to happen. Dr Jacqueline Johnson PhD, founder and director, is giving kids all over the UK the chance to unleash their imagination through power of books.

Frustration led to action when Jacqui realised that the simple enjoyment and excitement of a book was being lost when kids were learning to read. Too many children looked at a book as a chore and not as a release for the brains most powerful tool its imagination.

Thus Jacqson Diego, Story Emporium was born. A multi-faceted company, that is determined to uncover the happiness between the pages through schools, parties, clubs and obviously a bookshop.

When we heard about the project we knew we had to be involved and help her realise her vision, so we opened up the agency to her disposal. The result was helping Jacqson Diego simplify its story for communications, creating a brand identity including logo and offer a continual partnership in helping to literally, spread the word.

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