Original art for everyone. That was the dream of Nichole Herbert Founder of the Art Platform.

Nichole's vision wasn't just about owning and enjoying original art, it also meant the selling and buying of original art could help people all over the world too. Rolling out the business proposition for this not for profit organisation became a little trickier.

Artists could gift their art via the Art Platform website. This could be the full price of the sale or half the amount of the sale. Half the gifted amount would then be given to a charity of the artist's choice. The other half of the gifted amount would go to the charity of choice of the buyer. The idea being that everybody get's something out of it the artist gets their work shown to a whole new audience, the charities get a new channel for donations and everybody gets the chance to own original art (at prices they could afford and without the stress of stepping into an art world that they didn't understand).

After a chance meeting where Nichole told us her vision we gave her our card, and offered her the full use of the agency. Helping her out with positioning, messaging, branding and communication strategies. In fact, as the partnership is still going strong we're helping her paint a bigger picture for everyone.

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