We love new stuff - social media, smart phones, smarter tablets, personalised videos and augmented reality to name just a few of the latest and not so latest trends in technology.

But we don't like using the latest trends and gadgets just for the sake of it.

Everything we do at Pepper is done with the bigger picture in mind, we understand the business needs drive the marketing objectives which is why it's imperative that our work is always watertight from the original strategy, through the creative process to the final delivery.

Enter the humble HB pencil. The pencil is often our best tool, it makes us focus our thoughts on the problem and not on presentation, you can rub out solutions that don't work hard enough and ring the answers that do. When it comes to creative all our art directors, copywriters and designers are encouraged to kick off their thought process with a pad and pencil.

We even present our first concepts as scamps, because we know it helps the client focus on the ideas at hand and not the size of their logo. More importantly it encourages debate, a scamp or a one-stroke quite obviously isn't the finished product so everyone across the agency, our partners and clients can happily add to the mix of thoughts.

That doesn't mean we work by committee, but it does mean we believe that good ideas can come from anywhere and to ignore a good idea is almost as unforgiveable as using a channel just because it's trendy.

We like to think every time we sharpen our pencils we have the opportunity to
sharpen our thinking.

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