Kids grow up so fast, but parents tend not to believe it until it's too late. In the blink of an eye they're going on dates and hanging out with friends rather than spending quality time with family at home, or on holiday. Disneyland® Paris wanted to create a sense of urgency for parents to book their trip of a lifetime while they still can. Working with Disneyland® Paris, we decided that the most effective way to deliver this message would be via a fun and charming height gauge given out in magazines and by travel agents.

It is a human truth that most parents love to keep a track of how fast their children are growing and reminisce about what they were like when they were younger. So our challenge was to appeal to two age groups, 3-7 years and 8-12, and to make sure that it was emotive for the parents whilst being fun and engaging for children.

To achieve this we used the same characters found in the Disneyland® Paris TV ad such as Sully and Buzz Lightyear to create excitement for the kids, whilst using positive messaging to appeal to the parents. References to different rides adhered to a range of different interests and ages. And by using the height gauge, parents can enjoy their child's growth while being reminded that they shouldn't delay and visit Disneyland® Paris as soon as possible.

Whatever it takes means...

Capturing those special moments as kids grow up, whilst reminding parents that they don't stay young forever, so visit Disneyland® Paris before it's too late.

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