Having just been bought out from RBS, WorldPay needed to discover and define its own values and realign the staff views globally with the vision of its new owners. To do this properly a programme had to be created that not only involved everyone in the company all over the world, it also had to inspire, cajole and gather their views as well.

Other factors that may have hindered the success of the campaign was the amazingly short deadline that couldn't be moved due to board commitments and a backdrop of redundancies that was obviously having a detrimental effect on the staff.

The strategy was quite simple, a multi-channel feedback campaign had to be produced that would give everyone different opportunities, both offline and online, to share their thoughts, ranging from secret ballot boxes to video interviews. A proposition was developed, which was then translated into a creative idea.

Under the core thought - Have your say and make our future super! 2-day roadshows created the momentum needed for staff to do something a little bit super and help shape the company.

Whatever it takes means...

Generating an unprecedented 58% response rate from staff whilst actively creating a positive anticipation for the future across all the offices worldwide. The information that we harvested from the programme was presented back to the board and helped to inform the next, very important steps for the company.

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