Having helped WorldPay define their future values and aspirations, the next step was to help take their staff on the journey that would take them there.

Sometimes the journey is more important than the destination, like living itself, we all know what our final destination is going to be but it's our experiences as we progress through life that shape our success here.

Establishing this thought quickly and succinctly to staff whilst launching the new company values wasn't going to be easy, then there was the small matter of building an interim internal brand style into the solution that could be used long after the launch.

An updated story of Pinocchio, was the perfect vehicle, except instead of him being a toy we made him a robot and then followed his evolution through technology until eventually becoming human. The campaign story was brought to life through a video, tool kit, mailers, ebooks and conference.

A robust look and feel for the roll out was established that has since been used for various tactical campaigns since the original launch.

Whatever it takes means...

Means inspiring a global company to buy into an exciting future no matter where it takes them.

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