Too many families found booking the dream holiday of a lifetime was a bit of a nightmare.

Research showed that after the initial excitement of choosing a holiday at Walt Disney World the process of actually booking it was usually left solely to mum. With the price ranging between 5 and 7k on average the pressure was on to make an informed choice and choose the perfect combination of tickets, hotels and itinerary.

Further research showed the information needed to make this choice was spread across a myriad of collateral, making it difficult to find. In the end Mum would normally give up and the family would find themselves poolside back in the Med.

Armed with both the facts and our own experiences we came up with an idea that would not only excite families, it would also help simplify the booking process and be a companion to the family until the flight home.

Thus, The Little Big Book of Magic was created. Staying true to Walt Disney's vision we created a book in synch with the stories and magic of the resort with inspirational copy and a mixture of park photography and bespoke illustrations. With pull out maps, fold out checklists and all the information needed in one place the Little Big Book of Magic became an indispensible source of magic for all the family.

Whatever it takes means...

We created many happy endings all over the UK helping Walt Disney World more than double their bookings during a period of very tough trading. And created a little bit of happiness for ourselves winning a DMA Silver for Best Customer Acquisition Campaign.

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