The Daily Telegraph supplement Ultratravel has inspired a myriad of luxury travellers to visit far flung places in the world. Now they wanted to be a part of the journey.

A currency card was the best vehicle to help them achieve their goal.

But to make it more attractive and give it synergy with the brand the card not only offered excellent exchange rates, it also included luxury travel offers from carefully selected third party partners.

Different cards were needed for different currencies so we created a single-minded proposition that was appropriate for all three cards - Cards with a world of advantages.

After sourcing and vetting the currency card provider we then set about creating an identity for the card and its subsequent collateral that mirrored the values of our audience and would sit proudly in their wallets and purses.

Once the visual identity had been set in place we then developed the customer journey and all the associated comms needed to deliver it.

Whatever it takes means...

Working with the client every step of the journey from establishing suppliers to challenging partners to create and launch a new product that goes beyond expectation.

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