UK Power Network had a unique challenge of delivering power to over eight million customers whilst remaining completely invisible to most of them. A tricky problem especially when the main criteria for success is judged by customer satisfaction.

The brief was clear, this was not a rebrand this was an evolution with the sole purpose of connecting with the homes and businesses of the East, South East of England and London. After completing a brand audit we streamlined a brand that was living many different lives and realigned the positioning as a much more customer centric business with 'delivery' at the heart of it all.

We then created new brand guidelines that encompassed the primary elements of the former brand (logo, strapline, colours, etc). Making sure the brand would work cohesively across all channels including the newer ones such as mobile and social.

From their we created a brand new website and mobile site, looked at offline collateral and worked with their studio and partner agencies to keep everyone focused on the new positioning and identity

Whatever it takes means...

The UK Power Network has literally changed from being a passive to an active brand making them the natural choice to go to with any power issues.

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