For over two million Muslims living in the UK conventional insurance just didn't cover their needs.

With the experience of launching a Shariah compliant high street bank we were already aware of the cultural nuances and sensitivities that come hand in hand with Muslim beliefs and the importance of inclusiveness with various communities.

First we found a positioning for the brand and gave it a name Salaam Insurance. Then we created a brand that would reflect their values. With the identity and strategy in place the next phase was the launch.

With a dual proposition value for money and Shariah compliant, we created a campaign with the message 'Low cost car insurance that's right for you. Halal car insurance that's right for your faith. Either way you're covered.'

The campaign strategy was a mix of above and below-the-line advertising and community involvement with clear objectives that included customer acquisition, education and build a database of Muslim prospects.

Whatever it takes means...

Creating and launching a pioneering insurance company for a community that wasn't covered.

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