Keeping Sky staff up to date in the all-action world of entertainment took a fearless approach - one that really championed the internal message that 'We're fans too'.

But how do you hook everyone from engineers to call centre staff? Starting with the cover, we cast lucky staff members in their favourite Sky entertainment settings.

Inside, we injected vibrant imagery and clear-cut design, so even the most complex products and packages were available at a glance.

Boosting readership further was the user-friendly digital version perfect for viewing on everything from personal tablets to call centre screens.

This combined communication strategy now keeps Sky employees up to speed with the latest offers and developments, while creating a proud new range of cover stars.

Whatever it takes means...

Since the new style Sky Buddy was unveiled, readership has rocketed and even staff in non-customer facing departments are picking up their copy. As for aspiring cover stars, managers have been inundated with requests set against everything from Les Mis to The Masters.

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