Bringing all the fans of Jenson Button to one central point makes a lot of sense for ease and usability when you want to communicate with them on a social level.

It makes even more sense when you add the potential revenues from selling the advertising retail space of this unique site. But before you can sell anything, you have to build an inspiring proposition first.

When you’re Jenson Button speed and the latest technology are going to be incredibly important when it comes to building a formula one racing car.

When it came to talking and listening to his fans across the globe the same criteria applied.

The first way to speed up the action was to put all the social channels in one place, but that wasn’t enough, the portal was taken to a whole new level and made the door open two ways.

So for the first time ever, we designed a site where all the content was not only viewed in one place but the content was also created and then constantly fed back into the various social sites too.

The brand of Jenson Button isn’t just about speed and technology, it's also steeped in style. The usability of the site was paramount but we had to make sure that the visual identity didn’t suffer because of it.

As we worked through the gears of this project it all came together like a finely tuned engine. The content, the look and feel, the usability, the opportunities for advertisers and the tens of thousands of daily hits made the portal a Grand Prix event.

Whatever it takes means...

Creating a unique site that not only encapsulated all that Jenson Button’s brand stood for, but more importantly could sustain over 60,000 users per day.

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