Existing customers loved Ixaris and their global payment applications. The problem was that their growing family of brands and products were confusing potential customers.

We knew that to unify them once and for all would take more than a simple evolution. We had to rebuild the brand from the foundations up, beginning with a new product architecture.

We then redefined the brand and how it empowered you to run your business the way you want, crafting the strapline with the customer promise firmly at its core: Payments unbound.

Working together this gave us the foundations of a whole new brand identity - from colour palette to photographic style - helping to humanise the brand and give Ixaris a consistent, recognisable look and feel the world over.

Whatever it takes means...

Giving much-needed clarity to a complex brand has made Ixaris a more effective communicator, helping them make huge strides in their journey to reinforce their position as a category leader and giving the whole brand family a far more human feel.

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