With impending economic growth, hoteliers are looking to attract investment from lenders. The challenge to overcome is that accounting and consultancy firms are not traditionally seen as natural partners for the hotel section. The report therefore needed to have both credibility and a lobby full of character to help develop long term sector relationships with hoteliers and lenders.

Whilst some hoteliers appreciate and understand how to secure investment, many don't: the report provides a deeper understanding of a changing landscape to give advice to those who need it.

We also needed to ensure that the content was engaging enough to prompt the audience to check-in with Grant Thornton. Whilst the report wasn't so detailed that the game was given away completely, we ensured that it was presented in a clear, bold and positive way to compel the audience to read, understand and act.

It provided both information (who the main investors are, how the recession has affected investment etc) and guidance (branding, management, business plan etc). We gave it a strong visual approach by featuring plenty of graphics, icons, infographics and boxed out quotes - whilst remaining high end and intellectual.

Whatever it takes means...

Achieving over 20 pieces of international press coverage thus far.

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