Most homes have gadgets that can add up to thousands of pounds, and nearly everybody over the age of 12 seems to have at least a mobile phone. Hardly anyone insures them.

One of the major insights to this problem is the distrust people have with mobile phone insurance. The time was right for a new insurance company to take the streets and give gadgets the protection they deserve. Creating a brand from scratch, including the name, brand positioning, proposition and identity with real stand out in a busy market place was a challenge that brought the best out of our three pillars of strategy, creativity and delivery.

First we came up with a single-minded proposition that we could build the brand from 'Cover for the little things that mean a lot'. We wanted to make a brand that was friendly and direct whilst loading it up with character for stand out.

The answer was a brand called Gadget Guardian. Introducing a friendly looking angel called Angelo as the gadget protector, and giving him a 1920s gangster persona we developed a tone of voice that not only gave the brand distinction it also gave the brand a unique presence within social media channels.

Finally the strapline underlined everything we wanted the brand to stand for Every gadget needs a guardian. Capiche?

Whatever it takes means...

Using our strategy, creativity to deliver a brand new insurance company with standout and character.

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