Research into the mobility market showed an industry that was literally catering for the retired community. With outdated and old-fashioned ideas and no real connection to the way people want to live their lives. This was a chance to change the way mobility is seen.

Understanding the audience is always a good place to start and it was quite obvious that mobility problems weren't just an inconvenience of getting older. There are disabled people of all ages, people rehabilitating from accidents and sports injuries to name a few.

After a lot more research, thinking and cups of coffee the company Firefly Mobility was born. A memorable name that had a bit of ‘zip' in its character. The strapline and brand promise came next – Making life easier. Finally the identity was explored (complete with a new logo), it had to be modern, fresh and appeal to all ages. The main focus of the brand was to create an eCommerce website that could carry 1000s of different products, own a space in the social media channels and more importantly remove any embarrassment that individuals may feel when purchasing mobility products.

Whatever it takes means...

Before the brand was even launched the thinking behind it, the creativity and the delivery of it helped secure contracts with one of the biggest medical suppliers in the world.

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