Disneyland Paris Business Solutions has 20 years of experience in planning, hosting and running Europe's biggest and best business events. From private park hire to motorcycle trade shows, technology conferences and everything in between, if a company has an idea - a dream, if you will - the Disneyland Paris Business Solutions team has the track-record, expertise and vision to bring it to life.

But despite their success, Disneyland Paris Business Solutions were still relatively unknown. And those aware of their offering couldn't make the impossible connection between the organisation of serious corporate events and the guys who gave us Mickey Mouse and a flying elephant. But then Walt himself said 'It’s fun to do the impossible'. So that's where we started.

Through our examination of their many successful events and using Walt's inspiration, we developed the insight that Disney can make any corporate occasion a spectacular success that delights all the senses. From world-class catering to stunning light shows, we posed impossible questions that relate to sight, smell and taste - for example, 'Apparently you can't bottle success' - and answered them with stunning visuals and clear, concise copy. Oh, and a dash of magic, because that's the Disney difference.

The campaign, including press and digital executions, gained social coverage unheard of for Business Solutions and was so popular with Disneyland Paris we've been asked to do more work across the brand.

Whatever it takes means...

Getting to the heart of the magic and making it relevant to a corporate audience without losing what makes Disney so special - which, although initially seeming impossible, is kind of fun.

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