Literally 'driving' more customers to Disneyland was at the heart of this offering.

Taste & Co in partnership with Disneyland Paris launched a new shuttle service that would take guests from Disneyland Paris into the heart of Paris and more importantly, whisk tourists off to the resort for the day.

Our task was to give this new shuttle service an identity that not only conveyed the idea that Disneyland Paris and the city of Paris was quick and easy to get to, but also retained the quality and magic of Disney without being confused as part of the park offering.

Immersing ourselves in European design, and Parisian flair for inspiration we created an identity that brought to life the positioning 'Day trips in a flash'. The visual identity had to be strong enough to not only stand out on the streets but also keep its independence when Disney characters from the park were introduced.

Whatever it takes means...

Creating a bold, original identity and exposing it to millions of locals and tourists alike.

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