Millions of tourists visit Paris every year, in search of romance, fine cuisine, culture and architecture. Every year millions of tourists miss out on one of Paris' best products magic!

The reasons why Disneyland Paris (DLP) was missing out on this audience were varied. Some people didn't come because they thought it was too far away (even though it's closer than Versailles), others didn't believe they could enjoy the park in one day, with too much to fit in and there were couples who just didn't think the parks had anything to interest them there.

This year DLP are celebrating their 20th Anniversary, if there was a time to visit the time was now.

First we had to create the message 20 years of magic in one day.

Then we had to get the message to the people. The best way for this was to create a brochure that captured what 20 years of magic in a day meant (all different things to all different people). Three packages were created to incentivise different audiences ranging from the full day out and evening to an evening dinner and the best seats in the house for the Disney DreamsĀ®! show, a spectacular of lights, lasers, water, animation and music.

All that was left was to spread the magic. Both English and French brochures were put in hotels all over the city for their guests to find them.

Whatever it takes means...

Working really closely with the marketing teams in Disneyland to deliver a complicated offer simply and directly.

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