The power of imagination, exploration and creativity are the driving force of Jacqson Diego, Story Emporium.

The vision was quite simple. Make reading fun, nourish imagination and children will want to read more. The more kids read, the better they get. Rolling out the many strands of this vision was not as easy.

At first we worked hard with Jacqson Diego to understand the audiences involved, the issues facing each of them and how to position the brand. Then we looked at the various touch points of the brand including the shop, the kids parties, the after school clubs and last but not least, working with the education system with a series of school workshops.

Then we gave the brand a visual identity. Not only did it have to appeal to a broad age group of pre-schoolers to 13 year olds, it also had to be exciting yet credible for schools and, importantly, parents. Giving ownership to Jacqson Diego yet supplying a blank canvas to the thoughts and imaginations of every child.

A community based ideal with a national vision, Jacqson Diego made its head office a book shop without age groups and rules with the plan to build new adventures and friends for the brand online.

Whatever it takes means...

Believing an idea can change the world. We put all our belief into this not for profit venture and look forward to helping start a new chapter in the lives of kids all over London and the South East before going national.

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