British Gas has been sponsoring every aspect of swimming from the paddling pool to the podium and wanted to show our elite swimmers the support of a nation before the greatest show on earth came to London.

The national championships being held at the Olympic Aquatics Centre, was one of the last chances to rouse support before the swimmers competed at the main event. An interactive photo booth was set up at the entrance of the centre and swim fans were encouraged to ‘Show your support'.

With fun messages like 'Show your support and go swim hat silly' supporters were encouraged to get dressed up with props provided and have their picture taken in the booth. The image was then put on the wall of support and a digital version was shared on Facebook so everyone could see it. Finally, a glossy photograph was also given out to each of the fans as a memento of the championships and a reminder of British Gas' support before diving into the Olympics.

Whatever it takes means...

Raising awareness, capturing data and delivering a fun experience in a flash. Over 500 images were uploaded to Facebook.

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