Helping British Gas break into new markets always offers up an exciting challenge.

How do you take one of Britain's best-known brands from being a company associated with fuelling Britain's homes to becoming one of the leaders in powering electric vehicles for both home and business?

British Gas were the unexpected partner in charge of installation between the electric vehicle manufacturers, and the companies producing electric vehicle chargers. They wanted to position themselves higher in the partnership.

Using their heritage, and the insight that everybody trusts a British Gas engineer we came up with the positioning of 'installing confidence'. Creating a message that not only informed the vehicle owners of their involvement but it also assured them of any potential issues when it came to installing their charger.

The positioning also gave peace of mind to all the manufacturers involved with the knowledge that a large force of engineers were on hand to offer a service that fit the demands of the customer.

A sub brand was created to spread the message, which had to visually fit within the confines of the larger British Gas brand whilst sitting along side the 'sleek & sexy' collateral that is associated with all the leading car manufacturers. The brand was then rolled out up and down the country through brochures to car livery to POS. We even looked at various product designs for the charger itself.

Whatever it takes means...

We put British Gas on an even footing with the car manufacturers, creating an assured customer journey that started at the purchase of the car all the way to the final installation.

British Gas are the only energy supplier that works with multiple car manufacturers and the trusted company for installation.

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