Bringing a new major urban swimming festival to the capital, complete with two temporary pools, food and drink stalls, changing rooms and various activities outside of the pool was a challenge we couldn't turn down.

Working with Total Swimming and their principal partner British Gas we set about creating the brand identity for this fresh, family focused event. The Big Dip was born.

A positioning was created to set the tone ‘Summer swimming like never before', it was then brought to life through its unique identity. Not only did the brand have to set the tone for the 4 week event, it also had to show the innovative side of British Gas and be robust enough to cater for partner brands such as Speedo.

The roll out was extensive and included hoardings, pool-side banners, beach huts, the Big Sip bar, a Heart FM double decker bus, flyers, leaflets and a dedicated website.

Whatever it takes means...

Creating a splash in terms of enhancing British Gas' position as the UK's number one supporter of swimming at every level. 30,000 people visited the festival with 20,000 literally taking the big dip.

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