Following a wave of acquisitions, Build Center found themselves with hundreds of new branches. Many were underperforming and had little in common besides their stock.

We knew that to take on the building merchant business's biggest players and the thousands of independent rivals, Build Center needed to take stock, regroup and re-emerge as one.

After auditing their brand and the mood across the company, we realised we needed a brand that could bring Build Center together and offer a fresh, unified voice to whoever needed it.

We started with a brand positioning that spoke to everyone from staff in head office to hard hats, a promise everyone could aspire to: Build Center. For a job well done.

After identifying the key pillars of their brand, we created an identity and programmes that would pull a disparate business together and bring to life a brand everyone could be proud of.

From a new tone of voice for call centres to rebranding the flagship yards, we made sure the new brand lived and breathed across the business.

Whatever it takes means...

Creating a brand the company could believe in from the boardroom to the builders yard - a brand as consistent as their biggest competitors while still as agile as their smallest rivals. Better yet, Build Center was so pleased that they asked us to work on the wider Center family of brands.

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