Earlier in the year creatives at Pepper really lived up to the 'Whatever it takes' belief that runs through the agency by giving their spare time to a client in need.

Here at Pepper we understand big ideas don't need big budgets, but they do need commitment. With this in mind Art Platform needed an idea to help them launch their first show, being an online, not for profit, gallery (read more about Art Platform click here), the natural thought was to try and tie together the offline benefits of original art and the online advantages of social media.

Working with Nichole Herbert, Art Platform's founder we set about creating hundreds of original art pieces by painting QR codes on to various size canvases. The art would then be left all over London for anyone to pick up, the recipient could either enjoy the canvas as a piece of original art or use the QR code to see more work from the online collection at Art Platform.

The art was created over the course of many late evenings, early mornings and the occasional weekend for a cause that we all believe in creativity changes everything.

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